Shooting flowers is as difficult as photographing people

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Shooting flowers is as difficult as photographing people

A bouquet of flowers just like human silhouette does not match horizontal frames.

1. The bunch of flowers has a vertical silhouette.

Vertical silhouette of a bunch of flowers causes that a lot of unused space remains in the horizontal frame. The composition is difficult to balance, because once it collapses to the right and once to the left. The flowers in the center of the frame are a cliché of symmetry.

2. The bouquet of flowers is very colorful.

Bright colors of flowers require precise matching of the complementary color of the background.
You also need to remember that the light that reflects off the flowers affects the background color.
Work on achieving a color balance is half the battle.

3. A bouquet of flowers has no face

When we photograph people, it usually stands frontally, facing the lens. In the case of flowers, there is no one face, only an infinite number of possible settings. Of course, some will be more eye-catching and others less. The author of a flower arrangement usually prompts a suitable solution.

4. Flowers have a complicated form.

A bouquet of flowers much more detail to the eye than the human silhouette. The unique form of a bunch of flowers causes that we need a lot of time to identify this image. There is a drawer in the head with the inscription “rose”, but only experts know how it is a rose?

In the photos included in this post there are beautiful flowering sloths by Małgorzata Zapała.

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