Event Photoreport

Event Photoreport


A photoreport is a set of a minimum of 3 photographs that show the course of an event, the place of action and participants in their natural surroundings.

Reporting photos are mainly an informational message, but at the same time they may have aesthetic and even artistic qualities. They show life itself, as it really looks without direction. Photo reportage is a documentary record of the real event, but it can also tell its own story, which evokes emotions and stimulates reflection.

Fotoreport requires not only proficient knowledge of photographic technique, but also the ability to work with people, to inspire their confidence and encourage natural behavior. Although it is part of the event, the golden principle of a good reportage photographer is minimal interference in its course. The photographer should act in the background of the events, so that the reportage would fully reflect the natural course of the action. The only exception are group photos.

The power of photography is strong! You can create a very motivating video from several professional photos. Here is an example that you can see below.